Our Locations


Sweifieh Village- Saleh Ali Zaki St. 55

Mobile Number : 0790707109

DIMITRI’S 7th Circle

Massoud Ben Saed St., Amman 13115, Jordanien

Mobile Number : 0791443777

Abdali Boulevard Branch

Located in the Abdali Boulevard, entrance 6

Mobile Number : 0791503105

Dimitri’s Coffee Lweibdeh

Al-Baouneyah St. 17-15, Amman

Mobile Number : 0790707108

Dimitri’s Coffee Amman Mall Branch

Amman Mall, Muhammad Fayad St. 14, Amman 13115

Mobile Number : 0792813737

Dahiet Al-Ameer Rashid Branch

Located in Mamdouh Al-Sarirah St. , it is our first branch in Jordan

Mobile Number : 0799669001

Dimitri’s Coffee Aqaba

Arab Revolt Plaza, ساحة الثورة العربية الكبرى, Aqaba 77110

Mobile Number : 07 9998 9007

Dimitri’s Coffee JUBEIHA Branch

Amman Eid, Abdul Karim Al-Lawzi St. 68, Amman 11118

Mobile Number : 0792814646


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