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احصل على حبوب القهوة المميزة المفضلة في عمان من متجر DIMITRI’S عبر الإنترنت ، اطلب من أفضل أصول القهوة المختصة وأدوات القهوة والمعدات والهدايا ومكائن الإسبريسو وجميع ما يحتاجه الباريستا للكافيه أو المنزل . يمكنك الدفع عبر الإنترنت أو نقدًا عند التسليم في عمان ، انقر هنا لبدء التسوق!

قهوة ديميتريز | قهوة مختصة | عمان الأردن

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Who Are We?

They say all great things come to be because someone dared to ask, “Why?”

Dimitri’s Coffee® is the brainchild of three brothers: Waleed, Salah Aldin & Hisham Abubaker. Founded in Amman in 2014, Dimitri’s is a product of Hisham’s ever-wandering curiosity. For four years, he visited more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa, and East Asia, touring local coffee roasters and houses and spending hundreds of hours tasting specialty coffees and experiencing different coffee cultures! Then we decided to establish a state-of-the-art specialty coffee roastery here in Jordan, “Why not?”

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The Real Coffee Experts.

Manual coffee-making methods are becoming a popular option for perfect coffee enthusiasts, so we decided to provide our customers with the best tools in the world to prepare coffee at home or business. At Dmitri’s Coffee you will find the finest collection of pour over dippers, manual brewers, automatic coffee makers, brewing accessories, and espresso machines for your home or business. No matter what you’re looking for, our team is ready to help you choose the right gear, our recommendations are dependent on batch size, pour rate, roast level and processing method to get the right coffee experience adjusted to your own taste!

Our Coffee

At DIMITRI’S COFFEE, we take care of the whole lifecycle of specialty coffee beans from farmers to consumers. Starting by sourcing the highest quality green coffee beans from trusted partners worldwide, and we store them in perfect conditions. Each crop of specialty coffee beans has its own character and essence, and we highlight that uniqueness by roasting each lot with unwavering precision in small batches to unleash its full potential. The journey ends by securing the beans’ freshness with our top-quality packaging to uphold its excellence. We strive for perfection, research, and utmost care for our client’s satisfaction from Jordan and around the world.