Who Are We?



They say all great things come to be because someone dared to ask, “Why?”

Here is our story

Dimitri’s Coffee® is the brainchild of three brothers: Waleed, Salah Aldin & Hisham Abubaker. Founded in Amman in 2014, Dimitri’s is the byproduct of Hisham’s ever-wandering curiosity. For four years, he visited more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa, and East Asia, touring local coffee roasters and houses and spending hundreds of hours tasting specialty coffees and experiencing different coffee cultures! Then we decided to establish a state of art specialty coffee roastery here in Jordan; “Why not?”

We learned the chemistry of coffee roasting from the masters of the industry in England, Norway, USA, Hong Kong & Australia to apply the highest standards of roasting & sourcing the best specialty coffee beans to our customers; we finally did it!  We promise you to create the ultimate coffee experience for every single cup.And because we know our coffee inside out, we also know how important it is to educate coffee lovers on proper brewing techniques.

Proudly roasted from Jordan to the world!

Because it is
your right to have the best coffee

Freshly roasted and ground single origin coffees selected from the best farms in the world

It is our duty to share our experience and love of coffee with you